Stress Management Awareness

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Course Overview

Stress is now recognised globally as a condition that can affect all categories of workers, in all types of jobs and living in all types of social environments. It is also recognised as a major contributor to behaviour change, psychological dysfunction and serious health problems.

Stress, therefore, can have a major impact both on people’s lives and the company bottom line. This course will enable managers and staff to handle stress and reduce the human and economic costs to the business.

This course provides for all the core aspects of managing and handling stress in the workplace and covers all the main training outcomes such as:

  • To define the concept of stress and recognise the personal and organisational costs associated with high levels of stress.
  • Identify the causes of stress and the impact on your work performance and life in general.
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of stress in both yourself and other people.
  • Identify a range of stress reduction techniques and coping strategies.
  • Utilise methods for coping and managing stress through the development of your personal Stress Management Plan.


Why is this training important?

The need for businesses to address stress management issues in the workplace has never been greater. It is important to tackle the causes of stress in the workplace as stress at work can lead to problems for the individual, working relationships and the overall working environment. These issues may include lowered self-esteem and poor concentration skills for the employee. The employer may suffer from increasing customer complaints, staff turnover and days lost due to sickness.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to Stress Management
  • Implications of Stress
  • Why Tackle Stress
  • How to Tackle Stress
  • Stress Management Techniques

£9.99 +VAT