Slips, Trips and Falls

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Course Overview

The Health and Safety Executive states that over one third of all major injuries reported to them each year are the result of a slip or trip leading to a fall. Slips and trips are the most common causes of non-fatal major injuries in both the manufacturing and service industries, and account for over half of all reported injuries to members of the public on business premises.

This course provides for all the core aspects of Slips, Trips and Falls and covers all the main training outcomes such as:

  • Identify what can cause a slip and eliminate this from happening; including cleaning up spills, spill kits, good housekeeping and appropriate footwear.
  • Prevent and reduce the risks of trips.
  • Consider factors when working above ground level; the use of ladders, weather & lighting.


Why is this training important?

This course will bene t every employee in any company as everyone in the workplace is exposed to slips and trips on a daily basis. With this course you can eliminate the accidents that may be caused by these factors and create a safer working environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction on to slips, trips and falls
  • What does the law say
  • Costs of slips, trips and falls
  • Key causes of slips, trips and falls
  • Associated Risk factors
  • Preventative measures

£5.00 +VAT