Safe Manual Handling

£5.00 +VAT

Course Overview

More than one third of all reportable ‘Over Three Day’ injuries, and nearly 10% of major Injuries’ are associated with manual handling – the transporting or supporting of loads by hand or by bodily force. Many injuries are not immediate and obvious, but are cumulative resulting from repeated exposure to manual handling operations.

This course provides for all the core aspects of Safe Manual Handling and covers all the main training outcomes such as:

  • Determine control measures on how to correctly lift, push and pull with regards to moving object.
  • Cover the mechanical aids that are available in the reduction of manual handling altogether.
  • Trainees will get a better understanding of the risks involved in manual handling and how to reduce these or avoid them altogether.


Why is this training important?

In the workplace manual handling training is a legal requirements for many job roles. For workers this high rate of injury is highly significant since such accidents and absences lead to potential loss of earnings, missed opportunities and usually significant pain or discomfort.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is Manual Handling
  • The Risks of Manual Handling
  • Benefits of Controlling the Risks
  • The Law and Manual Handling
  • How to avoid Manual Handling
  • Evaluating Manual Handling
  • Risk Assessments
  • Typical Manual Handling Injuries
  • How the Back Works
  • The Correct Lifting Process

£5.00 +VAT