Managing Health and Safety

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Course Overview

Ensuring the health and safety of employees is one of the prime responsibilities of any organisation. Failing to do so represents a moral, ethical and commercial shortfall that can, and will, have disastrous results for both the organisation and the people who work for it.

The aim of health and safety management, therefore, is to turn uncontrolled hazards into controlled risks. This course will enable the learner to do this by using a cyclical process of problem identification, solution provision and on-going evaluation.

This course provides for all the core aspects of managing health and safety and covers all the main training outcomes such as:

  • Understand and contribute to organisational health and safety planning and implementation
  • Manage health and safety effectively at a departmental or unit level


Why is this training important?

The need for businesses to address health and safety issues has never been greater. Organisations that manage health and safety successfully regularly have a positive safety culture and active safety consultation programmes in place. Successful organisations can establish and maintain a culture that continuously supports health and safety in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Why manage health and safety
  • The law and health and safety management
  • What is health and safety management
  • The issue for management
  • The advantages of health and safety management framework
  • Using the management framework

£5.00 +VAT