COSHH Awareness

£5.00 +VAT

Course Overview

Many industrial processes may involve potentially hazardous substances. Even simple cleaning that is essential to all pleasant working environments require the use of detergents, degreasers and other potentially harmful substances. COSHH Training is needed for anybody who is handling hazardous substances such as industrial chemicals, cleaning agents, biological & chemical waste.

This course provides for all the core aspects of COSHH and covers all the main training outcomes such as:

  • Demonstrate an insight into the key steps of a COSHH Assessment
  • Recognise key exposure routes and control measures
  • Understand what Personal Protective Equipment is and why it is required
  • Recognise what information, training and instruction is needed when dealing with COSHH


Why is this training important?

Failure to provide workers with this knowledge may lead to injury, ill-health or regulatory action against the employer. This course enables learners to identify hazardous substances, deal with them safely and take appropriate steps in the event of mishap.

Learning Outcomes

  • What exactly in COSHH and Hazardous Substances
  • Knowing the various Hazard Symbols
  • Understanding Safety Data Sheets
  • COSHH Risk Assessments
  • You role in relation to COSHH
  • Your employer’s role when it come to COSHH
  • Exposure to Hazardous Substances
  • Control Measures and Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL’s)
  • What to do in an Emergency

£5.00 +VAT